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Description: The Nordictrack elliptical machine gives a low impact workout to both your arms and legs at the same time.

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    NordicTrack APEX 4100i (NTTL1890)
Reviewer: Anonymous       11-10-2001
A great feature of this machine is that the digits on the console are large enough so that I can exercise without my glasses. Another plus is that the machine is fairly quiet, so I can listen to music or watch TV while exercising. I highly recommend this machine.

    NordicTrack APEX 4100i (NTTL1890)
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-23-2003
This is a heavy duty & highly functional machine. Yet a feature that I really appreciate is that there is no annoying whirring sound from the motor. For those times when it is raining or snowing outside, this machine is ideal.

    NordicTrack APEX 6100xi (NTTL2590)
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-29-2004
This is truly a top of the line treadmill. It has an extremely strong motor, which allows even those people over 200 pounds to use this.
Th console is really easy to read. I also like the fact that it folds up for easy storage. This machine is super!

    NordicTrack APEX 6100xi (NTTL2590)
Reviewer: Anonymous       11-28-2001
This machine makes you want to workout. It is really comfortable & has a quiet motor. This machine is well worth the money.

    NordicTrack CXT 980
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-23-2003
This Nordic Track is exceptionally well-designed, its construction is sturdy, and it has lots of cool features. Customer service and support is great.

    NordicTrack CXT 980
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-15-2004
I had multiple problems with this machine. I scrapped it because I did not feel it worth the expense of a service call, since, in my opinion, this design problem would very likely re-occur.

    NordicTrack CXT 980
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-13-2004
What I got with this was a machine that was poor quality, wobbly, heavy and noisy. I have to say however that the customer service was excellent & the replacement parts were covered under warranty. However I wouldn't spend money on it again.

    i couldn't excersize without it
Reviewer: Anonymous   Kentucky    12-16-2005
I use it everyday I am absolutely in love. I tell all my friends about it because i know that if they try mine they'll run out to the nearest store and by one themselves.I will never excersize again without my nordictrack.

Reviewer: Alex Yeager (       12-20-2005
The boflex is not a very good tool. you can get injurd. It also is not made of high quality metal.

    It is the best machine I have ever used.
Reviewer: Anonymous   georgia    01-02-2006
It works and gives you maximum strenght. I loved it. you should buy one
ameture wrestler

    Excellent Buy
Reviewer: Anonymous   Pittsburgh    01-08-2006
I especially liked that this machine is quiet and I do not need to blast my television. This really gives a better work out and really seems more fun than running on a tredmill.

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